Take Control of your
business property decisions

Do you have an important decision to make about your business property? Do you feel like it is not your skill set and don’t have the time to give it? We offer commercial property advice that you can trust.

You have come to the right place. We have 30 years of experience of making those decisions.

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The property owner and the agent have the upper hand in the property market because:
  • They both have years of expertise to challenge a novice tenant
  • They have time to control the process while you are running out of it
  • They have the resources to get the best terms for themselves
  • They have the skills in the property world which you may not have
Having Culverwell Consulting on your side will give you back control because:
  • We are used to dealing with property owners and agents
  • We help you to set the agenda and drive it through
  • We save you the time and money you can least afford
  • We understand the technical jargon and implications
  • We will explain each point to you and ensure it accords with what the business needs
Culverwell Consulting Property Mentoring Service
As well as providing a ‘full service consultancy’ we offer a fixed fee mentoring meeting which focusses on your specific property challenge. We unpick the issue with you, define solutions and rehearse the next steps so that you take away all that you need to move the matter forward

Got a question about your business property and not sure who to ask?

Call or email for a chat about the help you need.
This is a FREE service

Need a thorough sense check on a property decision you are facing?

A mentoring session provides the clarity and answers you need.
From £395.00

Want an expert on your team to take property issues off your desk?

Full service property consultancy gives you unlimited access to 35 years’ expertise

Please contact us today on 01962 773882 for a confidential and obligation free discussion of your commercial property challenges and opportunities

Property advice videos

Our free property advice video series walks you through some areas property leaseholders need to be aware of:

View the full series of videos here: property know how videos

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