A passion for property, a commitment to conserve

Deploying our expertise to the benefit of the tenant or purchaser in your commercial property negotiation, building on the passion for property of our founder, Jim Culverwell, and committing ourselves to be socially and environmentally responsible in all we do – these are what you should know about Culverwell Consulting.



Culverwell Consulting was founded on the principle of levelling the playing field of property negotiation in favour of the occupying business. With us in your corner, you are harnessing many years of commercial property acumen in the cause of the right deal for your company.

Our experts can draw upon a deep well of property experience, encompassing all business sectors, all sizes of companies, all types and scales of problem, and both sides of every fence!


Our Principal, Jim Culverwell, is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, with a passion for the detail of commercial property. Jim possesses an enviable track record of successful projects for organisations as varied as major institutions in the City of London, and small and start-up businesses up and down the country.

Jim is a well-respected professional in and beyond his home county of Hampshire, gaining much of his commercial property work from word-of-mouth recommendation and judicious networking activity. Jim participates fully in the wider business, social, cultural and sporting milieux of the area.


Every year, Culverwell Consulting chooses a charity to support, reasoning that this exclusive focus delivers more for the charity than a more random approach.

Environmentally, we are all too well aware of the impact that business, property and travel have, so we are committed to minimising any harmful effect. Much has been done – we use as little energy as possible; we reuse and recycle; we commute on foot, and, when imperative, drive 60 MPG and low carbon emission cars.

But there is much still to be done – we plan to use biomass and solar power in future. But we are still learning. If you would like to know more about any of our environmental initiatives, please let us know on the Contact Form. Similarly, if you have expertise in a specific area of conservation, Culverwell Consulting would welcome your advice.