Buying Commercial Property

You’re thinking about buying commercial property in which to house your business…Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do I start?
  • Is buying really the right option for my business?
  • What does my business need from its ‘envelope’?
  • What are the chances of us moving on in a few years?
  • Where are our customers, our suppliers and our partners based?
  • What is the right entity to own the property – an individual, the company, a pension fund or a third party limited company?
  • How do I organise a SIPP or a SAS to fund the purchase?
  • How do I ensure compliance with regulations, and avoid investor and occupier conflict?

Commercial property advice from Culverwell Consulting starts with you and we can help you with one or all of the answers to these questions.

Culverwell Consulting Property Mentoring Service
As well as providing a ‘full service consultancy’ we offer a fixed fee mentoring meeting which focusses on your specific property challenge. We unpick the issue with you, define solutions and rehearse the next steps so that you take away all that you need to move the matter forward

We understand your business and its direction; we define the right property for your company – one that will facilitate its performance and support its growth – and the best way of funding it. And then we provide you with a handrail through the entire process – from conception to completion.

The cost of your property will be one of your company’s largest outgoings.

It is worth getting it right.

Please contact us today on 01962 773882 for a confidential and obligation-free discussion of your commercial property challenges and opportunities.