Commercial Property Lease Negotiation

Top tip: for best results talk to us 12 months before the key date.
Take Control of your
business property decisions

Leasing a property in which to accommodate your business is a complex step. Leasing can be wonderful for your business, supporting its success in the short term, its growth in the medium term, and its ability to move on to larger premises when the time is right. We can help you at every stage of your commercial property lease negotiation.

The Three Stage Process


1    Analysis

The vital first step towards the ‘right’ property on the ‘right’ terms for your business.

  • Together we brainstorm your business and compile a wish list of the characteristics and features that your business needs
  • We identify the key terms critical to your business to go into the lease
  • We will know what we are looking for

2   Search

With access to specialist resources and our 35 years experience of the commercial property markets:

  • We seek out that ‘right’ property defined in Stage 1
  • We sift through the stock of properties, inspect and create a shortlist for you to view
  • We show you the pros and cons and help you identify the best match for the business

3   Negotiation

The essential culmination of the entire process

  • We don’t want the landlord to dictate the terms
  • We use our expertise to structure a proposal to include your key terms identified in Stage 1 to generate the right outcome for the business
  • We work with you on the final agreement to ensure it is the best one which saves you time and money


Taking on a commercial property lease is one of the biggest commitments a business owner will make. Our advice could save you thousands – view our price list.