“Everyone likes a break clause but do they really get one when it comes to the crunch?

You’re an expert at running your business. But how much do you know about leasehold agreements and rental negotiations? For your landlord it is his business. He’s an expert. Make sure you have an expert on your side too.

It is more than just a rush at the end.  It can mean expensive concessions you’d rather not make.

The defining document that informs the content of the lease is often overlooked by businesses.

Asbestos can be a killer – and you may not even realise you have it in your building. Find out more about your legal responsibilities as a business owner.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming rent is the only ‘negotiable’.  There is much, much more to it than that.

Recognising the difference the landlord can make to your experience as tenant is too often overlooked.

Think you know about repairs? Avoid this complex, expensive and disruptive trap.

The most innocuous of lease clauses can cause the most unjust pain and cost.  Don’t be caught out.

It is easy to avoid paying rent on space that should have been excluded.  Get a professional measurement survey.